How to Apply CGM Patch

Without Touching
the Adhesive ?

One of the things that makes simpatch unique is its acrylic adhesive. As soon as you remove the paper backing and look at the sticky side of the patch, you’ll know you’ve got something special. Instead of covering the entire surface of the patch, the adhesive is applied in a wave-like pattern that allows air and moisture to easily flow through. It is thicker and softer and much easier on the skin than the adhesive on regular athletic or medical tape.

While these adhesive features are critical to the wonderful benefits of adhesive patch, they do make the patch significantly less sticky than most other types of tape. Simpatch is designed to be applied once and worn for several days. Once it has been removed, it isn’t sticky enough to be reapplied. Even touching the adhesive side of the patch during application can make it less sticky as skin oils coat the surface of the adhesive. This is why it is recommended to not touch the adhesive while applying adhesive patch.

In principle, this sounds simple, but in practice, it can be a bit of a challenge. Simpatch is very thin and flexible, making it a bit difficult to hold on to once the backing has been removed. Applying it on CGM can be challenging when also attempting to touch only the fabric side of the patch. Take heart though – read the rest of this post and follow the simple techniques we present and you will become an expert at how to apply Simpatch without touching the adhesive.

This might sound complicated, but following the simple steps below will have you applying this patch as easily as peeling a banana!





1. Twist and tear the patch 10% then Pull the patch in both direction  2. Peel back to expose the center of the patch. 3. Apply the exposed part directly over the CGM. then peel backing paper.

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